In this tutorial we will discuss about how to recover lost phone provided there is some condition to be already satisfied.

Condition 1: Internet connection should be active in the lost phone.
Condition 2: Location should be turned on in the lost smartphone.
Condition 3: You should be signed in play store in lost smartphone.

Platform: Android

Method: Take a smartphone and install following app from playstore, Device manager. Open app and click sign in as guest button, and sign in using playstore id and password of lost smartphone. After that you allow all permissions that are asked for accept. Accept their terms also. Now you can see the location of lost smart phone if the above conditions are satisfied. You can play sound in the lost smartphone to easily locate it while you are near to it bu clicking play sound button. If you want to lock and erase the content of the phone, you can do it by clicking Enable lock and erase. You can lock, erase or do both in the next screen. Watch above video for more information.

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